SĪTÚ is the space combine cafe and shop. We  offer coffee, tea and earth-friendly products. We try to find products which are plant-based, eco-friendly and free of the five pungent spices (onion, garlic, leek, shallots and asafetida) or alcohol.


In Chinese, SĪ (思) means "think deeply." TÚ (途) means "way or direction."SĪTÚ (思途) means "Think deeply about the direction of your life."


We came to the Czech Republic in 2010 without an idea of our direction in life. We then happened to learn that if we want to find our direction in life, we must respect all living beings by eating pure food.

People have many goals: some want to travel around the world; others want to reach the peak of their careers; many want to spend their lives living peacefully within the family. Most people want to be inner peaceful and happy.

Health, duty, environmental protection and civilization are four key elements if we want to reach these goals.


The whole world is one big family, but we have lost ourselves in the material world, so have a sense of separation. We hope we can bring our concept of a healthy life to those who want to know, so all people can live a healthy, happy, civilized life.