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Kozácká 236/1, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice, Czech Republic

+420 608 121 001

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About us

SĪTÚ is a combination of cafe, tea room and shop. We  offer coffee, tea and earth-friendly products. All are plant-based, alcohol-free and without the five pungent spices (onions, garlic, leek, shallots and asafetida).

In Chinese, SĪ (思) means "think deeply." TÚ (途) means "way" or "direction." So SĪTÚ (思途) means "Think deeply about the direction of your life."

We came to the Czech Republic in 2010, without any idea of our direction in life. Then we learned that if we want to find our life's direction, we must respect all living beings by eating pure food. This is the first step—and also the most important one.

​People have many goals: some want to travel the world; others want to reach the peak of their careers; many want to spend their lives living peacefully within the family. Most people want to be inwardly peaceful and happy.

​Health, duty, environmental protection and civilization are the four key elements needed to reach these goals.​

The whole world is one big family. But we have lost ourselves in the material world, so have a sense of separation. We hope we can bring our concept of a healthy life to those who want to know, so that all people can live a healthy, happy, civilized life.

About pure vegan diet

Nowadays there are different kinds of diet, such as vegetarian diet, vegan diet, raw food diet, detox diet, fruitarian diet, gluten free diet, etc. People chose these diets due to healthy issues, environmental protection, animal protection and ethical reasons. 

Pure diet is a conscious choice of what we put into our body. It is connected with purifying our body, improving the quality of our living and realizing the value of life. It excludes any meat, fish, any ingredients extracted from animals, eggs, or five pungent spices (onion, garlic, shallot, chive/leek and asafoetida); any intoxicants (alcohol, cigarette and drug). 

Pure, in the Chinese language it is written as 素,it has two parts, one means "master"; another means "system".

Being pure, means to be the master of our own life system. It is an attitude of life and connected with liberating ourselves from daily life stress and finding the meaning of the life. Purity, refers to the state of mind, it is not only about what we eat, but also what kind of lifestyle we have.

“In this place, we've tried to build a calm, comfortable atmosphere. Inside, you'll find a carefully-chosen assortment of original teas and specialty coffees, produced in a local roastery to ensure the freshest taste. In addition, we'd also like to introduce you to some vegan foods and plant-based products.

We're happy to offer you both tea and coffee with a grateful heart.”

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